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July 2012

- How to use "TO DO LIST' efficiently

'To Do' List 

This will help you achieve more in shorter space of time. All you need is the ‘I can’ attitude and a little bit of discipline. Don't forget to have fun with it!   

  • Put priorities and daunting tasks at the top of your list      
  • Estimate the time for each task and the time frame to complete it      
  • Think ahead what resources you will need to get it done (supplies, involve others or materials)   

- Organised for Tax in 5 easy steps

Are you always looking for the receipts that your accountant needs for your tax?

Here are the things that may help you stay organised and not only for tax time: 

1.      Develop easy to use filling system

2.     Create Record Keeping file in your computer 

3.       Keep logbooks

4.       Stop avoiding and start loving doing your expenses! At the end of the day you can   
      claim them and save some money.