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-Organised and Clutter free Home Office

Now, when most people are back from their holidays, I feel is the appropriate time to look at the home office and make the most out of the space. In addition, reassessing the filing system, decluttering and organising the home office will allow workflow and efficiency. Imagine the wonderful start to 2012 with your clutter free, organised and fully functional home office.   

How much more pleasant could your home office be if you did not have to look for each document or trip over piles of paperwork?   

Can you picture your desired office space, which is clutter free?  
We have good news! It can happen! You can feel great and inspired while working in your office and it does not need to be an everyday struggle! We help you to achieve it.   

 Let's take it step by step:   

 1. Write your plan of what and how you want to achieve your outcome

   What areas or tasks need to be done in your home office?

   Do you need to set up more functional filing system?            
It's a good idea to go through your existing filing system and archive items older than 12 months so you can start fresh for the new calendar or financial year. 

Can you do it on your own or do you need someone to help you get motivated or support you through the process? 

How long do you think each task may take you approximately?
What do you need to get each task done?   

2. Allocate time in your schedule and declutter 
If you have a spare 30min in your day why not use this time to declutter one or   
more drawers. If you have a couple of minutes, start to group items into projects or categories. Please refer to our guide how to declutter step by step.   

3. How often and where do you use each item  

This step is very important. Keep frequently used items at hand.     Store them in the area where you use them the most. For instance, keeping pens, sticky tape, calculator and all of the daily used items in a desk drawer. Keep the filling cabinet close to your desk as you are more likely to file.     

4. Maintaining your beautiful home office     

Spend a couple minutes each day to tidy up each area.
Get in the habit of keeping your desk clutter free at the end of the day. 
If you are working on a project, place it in a folder so all important papers stay together and you can start fresh the next day. 

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