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January 2012

-De-clutter, organise and harmonise your space


Thur  1  March  6 - 7.30 pm ( plsemail usfor the exact Sydney location)

De-clutter, organise and harmonise your space

It is necessary to address clutter before any positive change can occur in your home and in yourself. Clutter represents the past, regrets and delayed decision making in our life. It makes us stuck. By holding onto something, you prevent new opportunities, ideas and abundance from coming into your life. It also has an impact on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

-Organised and Clutter free Home Office

Now, when most people are back from their holidays, I feel is the appropriate time to look at the home office and make the most out of the space. In addition, reassessing the filing system, decluttering and organising the home office will allow workflow and efficiency. Imagine the wonderful start to 2012 with your clutter free, organised and fully functional home office.   

How much more pleasant could your home office be if you did not have to look for each document or trip over piles of paperwork?

- Welcome to Peaceful Loving Home 2012 Calender

Welcome to Peaceful Loving Home 2012 Calender

Let us start the year on a high note and take action now towards our desires and dreams. 

Let us look at the areas that we would like to improve and make the changes! This way you can look back on each year and see the sweet reward of your MONTHLY, WEEKLY AND DAYILY actions that you took throughout the year. 

The main thing is to break your tasks into smaller steps so it is more achievable and not so overwhelming. 

Peaceful Loving Calender will walk you through and give you tips on the main 12 areas, which you can improve in your home or office.

- Because you are ALIVE, EVERYTHING is possible

"Because you are ALIVE, EVERYTHING is possible" 
Thich Nhat Nanh

If you feel upset or down about something just read this quote and I am sure you will have a smile on your face right away. 

Recognise the opportunity in every moment and act on it. 
You CAN do or achieve what you desire. 

- How to reduce your junk mail and declutter your letterbox

Do you get frustrated when your letterbox is filled with junk mail every day?
Decluttering your letterbox will not only be beneficial to you but also to the environment. ‘Up to 80 per cent of the printed catalogues never get seen’ (Yelena Fairfax,2009)
Here are few simple things you can do to cut the clutter before it even gets to your door!
1.      PlaceNo advertising Material’ stickeron yourletterbox. Call Distribution Standards Board on 1800 676 136 to get these for free.