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- Sweet reward for decluttering your room

I have come across this little article in the MX Sydney free newspaper. 

You just never know what the reward for decluttering can be! 

There are unlimited possibilities that we are unaware of yet. 

Messy Room

Teen cleans up in lottery

A Scottish teenager reluctantly tided up his bedroom after being nagged by his mum- and found a &75,000 winning lottery ticket. 
  Ryan Kitching, 19, of penicuik, Midlothian, unearthed 12 old tickets in his drawer and nearly binned them, the UK's Daily Telegraph reported.

- Peaceful Loving Home believes that organising is about

Peaceful Loving and Organised Home

 believes that organising is about;

  •    Cleansing your space as well as your life

  •     How you feel in your space

  •     Your space (Home or office) as a reflection of who you are

  •     Defining your goals and seeing the bigger picture

  •     Time management (efficiency, priorities and focus)

  •     Enhancing positive habits and behaviors

  •     Creating a simple system that works for you

  •     Creating the life and environment, you want to have

- Declutter and organise Gift-certificate for Valentine's day

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Peaceful, Loving, Organised and Clutter free Home

Why not give a new start to your loved one with clutter free home.
We believe that anyone can create their desired space with a little help. 

There is no shame in asking for or seeking help:

If you wish to drop few kilos, you work with a personal trainer.

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Happy 2011 Everyone :)

Peaceful Loving Home sunsetWelcome to the new and exciting Year! I wish you all a wonderful year full of joy, love, peace, stop delaying your projects and get on to quick. Get up with the beautiful Sunrise and get your daunting tasks done first. You can do one task a day that you had been putting off. You will feel great once you accomplish the first one you will be unstoppable! Get onto it and enjoy it.

My main reason for holding on to things is....

I think everyone gets into a stage of their life where they decide that something needs to be changed. I have put up with this situation for too long, one might say. I have had this moment few years ago when i made the deal with myself 'no more holding onto things'. My main reasons for holding on to things was the familiar feeling that I got while growing up in a cluttered environment which was associated with security. 
What is your experience with clutter?Is it your partner that is constantly leaving his cloths everywhere or do you need to let go some of your items that no longer serve you?