Peaceful Loving Home - Your Home is a special place and deserves to be organised.
De-clutter and organise

"Denisa was wonderful. She helped me turn my home office from a total mess into a peaceful, productive work environment. I definitely will use her help for other rooms in the house. I highly recommend her service."Judith, Newtown 

"Clearing clutter with professional organizer Denisa Macurova.  there is nothing under my desk! Thank Denisa from Peaceful Loving Home for my new simple paperwork filing system! " Martine, Wollstonecraft

“Thanks for helping me last night. I found it very useful and feel quite motivated now to continue. I especially like the hints and tips you provide which are common sense, simple and practical. I really appreciated your patience with me to go through everything.” Nella, Stanmore 

"I was experiencing a great sense of overload in my physical environment – working in two businesses from home, and lacking systems and order.

Starting and not finishing tasks | nowhere to put materials and equipment | dealing with urgencies and not priorities | working out of work finished on time. This ‘dis-ease’ was impacting on our home and business effectiveness, and proving impossible for me to tackle on my own.
I contacted Denisa Macurova at Peaceful Loving Home. She assessed my situation through a written questionnaire which we reviewed prior to commencing. We decided the most pressing area to tackle first and worked systematically through each area.

Denisa’s gentle manner, maturity and wisdom very quickly gained my trust. Denisa proved she is a good listener—reminding me how things had not worked in the past, leading me away from following old and keeping me on track. We set up systems– didn’t just ‘put things away’.
Before long we were making steady inroads into structuring my office, my home and my routines to be more supportive of my goals for a peaceful, functioning home. Work has become more of a pleasure, friends comment on how my home is looking and how less stressed I seem. I can now breathe!" Adrienne, Seven Hills

"Denisa helped me with several areas around my home.  I found her to be professional and personable.  She is helpful, recommends practical solutions to organising, is efficient, gets in, and helps you get it done.  Denisa will help with anything and goes the extra mile to make sure your home is clutter free and organised.  I really appreciated the work Denisa did and would recommend her to anyone." Clare, Abbotsford
“The Peaceful Loving Home(PLH) Team were amazing. I received service with a friendly and non-judgemental attitude. Denisa, Peaceful Loving Home's owner, was fantastic at managing my emotions and helped me to take decisive action. I would strongly recommend working with PLH to have a home you have been dreaming of.”  Beck, Waterloo
"I have received enough information from Denisa to prepare for the session. The session was according to my expectations and beyond. My highlight was meeting Denisa and getting rid of all of that STUFF and having her to encourage me. I am very impressed with her professionalism. Carry on and good luck" Christina, Maroubra

“I have been enjoying the order in the kitchen so much and have had much more desire to cook!  It’s really a wonderful change! Thanks again for everything!Xx” Bondi Beach 
"Thank you so much for your loving and helpful workshop. It was very inspiring and empowering. You are changing and improving the people, awesome! I already started to make some changes in my life.
Thank you so much for all this extra material, I really appreciate it : )
I will start using all the tools before the year ends." Carlos, Darlinghurst
Harmonising energy and Feng Shui

"Denisa came to our home in April 2010 and transformed our apartment on so many levels. Our home always felt peaceful, loving and harmonious, though after her session it resonated to that vibration even more. We could instantly feel the difference and it permeated ever A few weeks after the session, our lives shifted in a positive way. The owners sold the apartment to the first person who looked at it, so we cleared out the clutter and moved what was left into storage and have had the opportunity to travel ever since.
In addition, many things have resolved in my personal relationships and many work opportunities have manifested from the new energy being offered. It has been an amazing experience and I gladly would do it again. Thank you for your time and professionalism. We can now create from a clean slate and for that, my partner and I are ever so grateful.”  Cimone-Louise Fung, Curl Curl
"The level of service at Peaceful Loving Home is fantastic. This company was recommended to me by a friend. The quality of service I received was outstanding you so much for doing your magic in my home. I have just got home after a few hours and it feels amazing in here. Once I go out I cannot wait to come back in :) About to relight my candles " Sarah, Manly

Small business organising and time management improvements

"We hired Denisa in May 2011, as we needed extra help with improving efficiency and organising the clinic. She has been extremely valuable to our clinic. Her natural ability to organise and manage things contributed to smooth day-to-day operations. She has maintained our filing system, tax expenses, product dispensary and other tasks. She has implemented more efficient procedures and updated policies to reflect time efficiency. 

Denisa always made sure that the clinic was organised and welcoming to its patients. Even though we have now undergone organisational restructure, we will continue working with Denisa on a contractual basis to help streamline our systems and to ensure our business is running smoothly" Vanessa, Woollahra