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Feng Shui 
You may wonder, what is Feng Shui all about? You may have read many books on this subject and found that there are many different theories and practices. The simple rule is to only follow the principles that fit in with who you are, what you want and what you believe is the right thing for YOU.

 Feng Shui can be a wonderful tool to help enhance and harmonise your space by identifying blocked energy. We want you to understand that it is only a portion of the whole picture. We believe that you have chosen your current space, whether it is an office or home, to further learn and grow on your journey. Now, we are getting the whole picture. Your space is a reflection of your mind, well-being, values and the way you feel about life. You need to address some of the areas in your life that are not working for you and make positive changes. For instance, if you find relationships are challenging in your current space, then that is your point of focus. Feng Shui can further support your efforts and work along with your willingness to form only harmonious relationships. It does not work the other way around. Your thoughts, attitudes and actions are the dominant part of your creations, which need to be aligned with your desire first in order for Feng Shui to give you the most support. My teacher once told me “Feng Shui is like the wind blowing into the sail not blowing against it” It can multiply your efforts to achieve what you want. 

We have various packages to suit your interests and budget:

1.     Introduction to Feng Shui 

This is designed for someone who would like to know more about Feng Shui and experience some of the benefits before proceeding further to the next level. It is a fantastic value full of tips and suggestions, which you can implement right away. Find out the best placement, colours and shapes for your furniture to encourage harmony using principles from the Five Element theory and Form school of Feng Shui.  

You will receive:    
  • 1.5hour consultation with Denisa    
  • Basic Feng Shui analysis of your home revealing what area of your home/life to focus on and how you can improve it.     
  • One page Feng Shui summary about your home with findings and suggestions   
  • Calculations of your most beneficial directions for work or sleep concentration and relaxation.     
  • Identify any health hazards which may contribute to poor health(e.g. high electromagnetic field)     
  • Electromagnetic field reading     
  • Bonus Peaceful Loving Home e-book that can help you declutter, organise and Feng Shui your space.  

What do you need for this consultation? 
 - space, basic floor plan, date of birth  

2.     Flying Star School of Feng Shui   
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 If you wish to find out more about your home and have a better understanding of Feng Shui then this option is for you. The Flying Star School is based on a complex mathematic calculation. This will give you more insight into what is going on in your home in terms of health/relationships or finances.

You will receive:    
  • 2hour consultation with Denisa    
  • Flying stars chart and extensive analysis of your home. 
  • Two page Feng Shui report about your home with findings   
  • Calculations of your most beneficial directions for work or sleep your concentration/relaxation.     
  • Electromagnetic field reading     
  • Bonus Peaceful Loving Home e-book that can help you declutter, organise and Feng Shui your space.  

What do you need for the Flying Stars school of Feng Shui consultation?

1.     space 
 This is very important, as Feng Shui does not work in cluttered spaces. This is why Peaceful Loving Home coaches people how to declutter and organise their space or their mind. Decluttering shifts the old stagnant energy and Feng Shui brings in the new fresh and supportive energy. This will benefit you on many levels.
2.    Floor plan of the property 
 Most floor plans are supplied by the real estate agents when purchasing the property or renting. Alternatively, you can draw your own floor plan or contact an architect in your local area who would be able to do one for you. Please see the examples .

3.    The year the property was built 
 You may find this information from your real estate agent, local council, your neighbour. If you find out that it was built in the 60’s try to clarify( or late 60’s). 

peaceful purple flower   
3. Harmonising Energy
Creating a sacred space is part of Feng Shui which is a technique that originated in China many years ago. I would define space clearing as dissolving the old energy of and bringing fresh new energy, which can support your daily life. It is recommended to conduct space clearing before you move into a new home as everything that has happened there will stay as an imprint and can have an effect on the new occupants. For instance, if the previous owners argued or had financial problems the next people moving in may experience similar difficulties.   You will receive the most benefits if your space is clutter free. This session is great to do within a week or so after you finished to declutter and organise your space. Once you have done this you will be amazed at how nice and welcoming your space feels, especially when you come home after a long day. I recommend your home regularly at least 4 times a year (every season)  to enjoy the most benefits. 

Peaceful Loving Home Essential Oil Mist is ideal to use after you have decluttered your space.Benefits: 
  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Feeling peaceful and supported
  • Can positively influence sleeping
  • Feeling less anxious
  • Creating a loving home environment
  • Clear energy flow

Receive a FREE Essential Oil Mist with a harmonizing energy session normally valued at $20. 

You will receive:    
  • 2.5hours harmonising energy consultation with Denisa    
  • One page harmonising energy summary about your home with findings and suggestions     
  • Calculations of your most beneficial directions for working or sleeping to enhance your concentration/relaxation.     
  • Electromagnetic field reading     
  • you also receive a bottle of Peaceful Loving Home Essential Oil Mist. Peaceful Loving Home Essential Oil mist is great for filling the room with and natural smell of the essential oils will uplift your energy and support your well-being.   

What do you need for the Harmonising energy (Space clearing) consultation?  
  • Time allocated just to this process, ideally without interruptions    
  • Two medium sized candles (one black and one in your preferred colour)     
  • Floor plan of the property (preferred but not essential) 

What can I expect during the consultation?
Expect the unexpected as each session is completely individual and unique! The key is to be open-minded to this process. The duration may vary depending on the size of the space and also findings within the home. It can take up to three hours. This process cannot be rushed. I will ask you to think about things that you feel like you are ready to let go of from your life and things that you wish to bring into your life. We will be using various tools such as harmony bells, singing bowl and incense to harmonize the energy of your home.                                   
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